1st Annual General Meeting of the PSB (Philatelic Society of Bangladesh)

It is our immense pleasure to share with the honorable members of PSB all the philatelists that the 1st Annual General Meeting of the PSB (Philatelic Society of Bangladesh) took place today (14 Jan 2022) at the National Institute of Biotechnology, Savar, Dhaka. The EC members of PSB and other members along with their family were present at the event which was philatelic get together and annual picnic of PSB as well.


During the meeting, all the activities of PSB for last 3 years starting from 1 May 2019 was presented along with the financial statement. The upcoming philatelic events of PSB for the 2022 was also shared with the honorable members.
The new Executive Committee has been announced with the consent (‘Yes’ vote) of all the PSB members from this year and onward which are mentioned below for all of your kind information.
We appreciate all of your kind presence on this auspicious event and your whole-hearted support to PSB which is our inspiration to keep our commitment of ‘We Promote Philately’. We hope you will keep on continue the same support to the new Executive Committee and be with us in our all honest effort to promote philately.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Team PSB

Welcome To Philatelic Society of Bangladesh

Philately is a hobby, Philately is a dream

We, philatelists, are mainly dreamer. We always dream about our collection. We dream to collect the rarest pieces of our subject of interest. We always longing for world-famous and notable stamps and other postal items. We vision that we will arrange wonderful collection and that will be appreciated in an international arena.

An excellent beginning of a dream journey

The Philatelic Society of Bangladesh was formed in 1st May 2019 by a number of philatelic dreamers. This united and organized force helps to spread philatelic knowledge through magazines, seminars, and workshops.  Stamps collectors formed various organizations jointly after the independence of Bangladesh, but gradually most of them became inactive. In the present time, only a few of them publish magazines and exhibit stamps irregularly, except those there are no other activities which can contribute to the advancement of philately in Bangladesh. Hence the young generation is not exposed to philately in a wide range.




Independencepex-2021 Golden Jubilee of Independence is a golden moment for Bangladesh. The entire nation is waiting for the joyous moment in festive mode. Every Bangladeshi around the globe, as well as, many other countries have also expressed their gratitude for the historic moment. The event become more significant when it coincides with Birth Centenary of The Father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (PSB) is proud to celebrate the event in philatelic way by arranging a philatelic exhibition, Independencepex-2021 (স্বাধীনতাপেক্স-২০২১), a 15 days long virtual philatelic exhibition. This is an open class, non-competitive exhibition for worldwide philatelists. We welcome all our visitor to the philatelic exhibition, Independencepex-2021 to enjoy the show, to embrace the love of philately and to spread the love for philately.
Shokher Bazaar is one of it’s own kind in the history of hobby for the passionate collectors in Bangladesh! Shokher Bazar is the platform facilitates by the Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (PSB) for type of collectors including Philatelic, Numismatic, Paintings, Matchbox, Coat Pin and what not...!!! We will be looking forward for the next event! From PSB our utmost thanks 🙏 to the all collectors, participants!
Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (PSB) has not limited their activities within the boundary of stamps collecting. Right from the beginning, we partnered with other organizations to support humanity and carried out various humanitarian and other social activities.