About Philatelic Society of Bangladesh

Philately is a hobby, Philately is a dream

We, philatelists, are mainly dreamer. We always dream about our collection. We dream to collect the rarest pieces of our subject of interest. We always longing for world-famous and notable stamps and other postal items. We vision that we will arrange wonderful collection and that will be appreciated in an international arena. Beside personal collection, we hope for the betterment of philately in Bangladesh. Nowadays many young people still pick stamps as their hobby. We think this kind of hobby can act as a weapon against drugs and terrorism.

 From that point of view, we have united and formed an organization named Philatelic Society of Bangladesh, to disseminate individual’s dream to others. Against all odds, the organization was formed in 1st May 2019 by a number of philatelic dreamers. This united and organized force helps to spread philatelic knowledge through magazines, seminars, and workshops.  Stamps collectors formed various organizations jointly after the independence of Bangladesh, but gradually most of them became inactive. In the present time, only a few of them publish magazines and exhibit stamps irregularly, except those there are no other activities which can contribute to the advancement of philately in Bangladesh. Hence the young generation is not exposed to philately in a wide range.

The goal and motive of our organization will be the development of philately in Bangladesh. This organization will tie up all philatelic people like a family and with the guidance of experienced collectors young ones will enrich their collection. And they will accelerate the advancement of philately in Bangladesh. To achieve this goal our organization is giving first priority to publish a magazine by which collectors will be benefitted with various kinds of contents like current affairs of the philatelic world, collection technique, exhibition news and so on. To accomplish our goal we will arrange seminars and workshops regularly so that young stars can learn about philately from the seasoned ones. Apart from this we also are going to organize the philatelic exhibition from that we can assess and update our collection.