Entry closure15th August 2021 (CLOSED)
Scanning submission15th September 2021
Progressive Display of Entries on website

28th September 2021

To 9th October 2021

Last day of display on website16th December 2021
Results finalization5TH October 2021
Exhibition website openingechosphilahouse.com


JUBILEEPEX 2021 is the first ever online Philatelic Exhibition of its kind in Bangladesh! It will be organized virtually, keeping an International Friendship spirit in mind and shall be organized by PSB. Rules and regulation of JUBILEEPEX 2021 have been adopted in line with the prevailing International philatelic standards.


  • The JUBILEEPEX 2021 International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition is open to all individual collectors from Bangladesh as well as from other countries around the World.
  • Exhibit applications must meet entry requirements stated in this prospectus.
  • Whole part of the exhibit has to be the sole property of the exhibitor. If purchased as a readymade exhibit, it must have been owned by the exhibitor for at least two years and must have been extensively revised by the exhibitor.
  • Names of the Exhibitors may be used publicly throughout the exhibition event, in press releases and in awards as well as other ceremonies.
  • In order for remaining anonymous, exhibitors must communicate to the Exhibition Chair and furnish a pseudonym.
  • The submission of an entry is deemed to be an implied declaration by the exhibitor in complying with all these norms and guidelines.
  • Participants of Jubileepex 2021 International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition are entitled to submit up to THREE (3) exhibits. Jubileepex 2021 authority reserves the rights to change this eligibility before the exhibition commences.

Special Eligibility:

From 23/6/2021, the organizing committee may consider exhibits without previous track record of medal or national/ club participations

Exhibit Classification Adult exhibits:

The National ADULT Classes/Divisions are intended for exhibits that fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • The exhibit has been awarded at least a bronze medal at a previous regional or local show.
  • The exhibit is deemed by the Exhibition Committee to be sufficiently advanced to be entered in this class/division.
  • The exhibit, though new is submitted by a collector with a proven track record in previous National shows

Non-competitive Classes:

Entries in non-competitive classes shall remain as special invitations at the sole discretion of the organizing committee, in view of following perspectives: 1. Court of Honour. 2. Invited Exhibits.

General Class:

Exhibits in the JUBILEEPEX 2021 International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition have to comprise of 16 (Sixteen) 8.27”x11.69” (standard A4 size) pages in each Frame. The one frame exhibits need to be built in line with either of the following subclasses:

  1. Traditional Philately
  2. Postal History
  3. Postal Stationery
  4. First Day Covers
  5. Revenues
  6. Maximaphily
  7. Thematic
  8. Picture Postcards
  9. Aero Philately
  10. Youth Class

Youth Class exhibits: (10)

  • The Youth Class is intended for exhibitors who have not yet reached their twenty second (22nd) birthday on 1st January, 2021. Youth Class comprises of the following groups:
    • Youth Class “10 A”: 08 – 15 years old.
    • Youth Class “10 B”: 16 – 18 years old.
    • Youth Class “10 C”: 19 – 21 years old.
  • The age and birth date of each exhibitor must be indicated on the official entry form, as age grouping will be established for the Class to aid in
  • For an exhibit to be judged under National standards, it should have been awarded at least a bronze at a previous regional or local show.
  • However, new exhibits deemed by the Exhibition Committee to be sufficiently advanced to be entered in this class/division will be

All correspondences need to be addressed to jubileepex21@gmail.com, which is the official e-mail address for the JUBILEEPEX 2021 International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition.


  • NO ENTRY FEES. The jury reserves the rights to reclassify any exhibit.
  • All exhibit entries shall be submitted through e-mails. The Title Page, Synopsis page and a Plan Page (if applicable) must be sent with each completed Official Entry Form. (These pages may be modified later if desired). Entry forms must be received no later than 8th August, 2021
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of the Official Entry Form does not ensure the acceptance of the exhibit, until the same is explicitly notified.
  • The Exhibition Committee reserves the rights to reject any exhibit, in part or whole, without assigning any reason whatsoever for such rejections.
  • Failure to deliver an accepted exhibit as scanned .jpg image file before 3:00 PM (GMT) on 1st September, 2021 to the specified e-mail address, may be subject to cancellation.

Frame Diversity: 

Jubileepex 2021 shall be a one frame competitive exhibit but organizing committee may consider more then one frame (3/5 Frames) exhibits that would be non-judgemental in nature.

Exhibit Languages:

Jubileepex 2021 may accept exhibits of other languages (other than Bengali and English). Exhibits prepared in other languages would be non-judgemental.

Exhibit Displays

  • Exhibits will be displayed to portray frames holding sixteen (16) pages; in four rows of four pages (4×4). Periodic horizontal double sized pages suitable for mounting in a 4×4 format or a full exhibit of eight (8) double sized pages are acceptable.
  • All exhibits must be prepared on white or light-colored pages. All pages must contain same background color.
  • Pages must be numbered on the lower right corner in sequential order, and the numbers must be visible on the scan. The page numbers shall aid the Exhibition Committee in confirming that the exhibit is displayed properly, in sequence.
  • Exhibits failing to comply with the above may not be displayed or judged.
  • The name of the exhibitor must not appear on the faces of the pages, except on exhibited addressed covers.
  • Forgeries must be explicitly stated, so that the same can be easily identified in the text. Failure to do so may result in the downgrading of the concerned exhibit being.
  • Expertized items should be identified on the pages with an (e) and a single .pdf file, showing all certificates for expertized items in the exhibit (should be submitted with the exhibit scans).
  • The Exhibition Committee reserves the rights to select a maximum number of qualified entries for the exhibition and put exhibits on display according to its own display plan.
  • Exhibits in the Youth Class shall be displayed in the same manner as the National exhibits and shall be governed by other rules identical to those mentioned for the National Exhibition as well.

Entry Fees

  • Adult One-Frame for Bangladeshis : Free (no charge applies).
  • Adult One-Frame for overseas participants : Free (no charge applies).
  • Youth Class One-Frame (for all) : Free (no charge applies).

Exhibit images delivery

  • Picture resolutions:
    • Color scans of exhibit pages must be provided in .jpg format at 300 dpi resolution.
    • Cell phone photographs are not acceptable.
    • Each page must be scanned separately, as a separate, single file.
    • A single file containing all pages shall be unacceptable and shall be discarded.
    • A mixture of single (A4) and double (A3) size pages in the same style may be used, provided that the full exhibit can be displayed in a 4×4
  • Scanned file naming convention:
    • Surname.Simplified Title.P(x).jpg – simplified title must be maximum THREE (3) words, e.g. Akhlaqur.Rahman.Human_Migration.1,jpg
  • Others:
    • Exhibit submissions, not in compliance with the above requirements will be returned to the exhibitor for correction and resubmission
    • Exhibitors not having a flatbed scanner capable of scanning double sized pages or color scanning, may consider using the services from a commercial print and scanning service provider.
    • Exhibit scan and the certificates of expertise file(s), if any, may be submitted electronically in a manner determined by the exhibitor (we recommend the free service provided by wetransfer.com).
    • All exhibit scans must be received by the Exhibition Committee on or before the 1st September, 2021 at jubileepex21@gmail.com.

Display Period

  • Exhibited images shall be received and accepted until 1sth September, 2021.
  • Images uploading shall be done on or before 29th September 2021.
  • Exhibits shall remain on display till 12:00 am on 16th December, 2021
  • All exhibits shall then be transferred to the PSB archival public website and shall remain at the custody of PSB.
  • No exhibit page scans shall be returned to the exhibitor.


The exhibit images shall remain on public display on PSB exhibition website. With the submission of the entry form, exhibitors accept the fact that any organization or individual may reserve the rights to copy or downloaded images from the exhibition website.


  • Exhibits shall be judged according to National level standards.
  • An Exhibitor Evaluation Form shall be provided to the Exhibitor by the jury.
  • The jury shall do their best to provide additional feedback to the exhibitor by electronic means of communications.
  • All awards shall be granted in accordance with the judged merits of the exhibits, regardless to Classes, Divisions or Sections.
  • Decisions made by the Jury are final and cannot be appealed in any way.


  • Awards shall be given in all Classes:
  • Large Gold
  • Gold
  • Large Vermeil
  • Vermeil
  • Large Silver
  • Silver
  • Silver-Bronze
  • Bronze
  • No medal or ribbon award shall be made if, in the opinion of the judges, the exhibit is of insufficient merit, but a Certificate of Participation shall be provided with.
  • Award certificates shall be available for download shortly after the closure of the competition. JUBILEEPEX 2021 medals shall not be issued unless the exhibitor requests one and agrees to pay the shipping cost for the same.

Ruling Authority

All possible questions and/or concerns that may arise in regard to the exhibition that have not been covered by this Prospectus document and its explicitly explained Rules, Regulations and Norms (other than the decisions made by the Jury), shall be addressed and subsequently decided by the Exhibition Committee in its sole and absolute discretion.

Version Two: Date 04/07/2021

Download Jubileepex 2021 Prospectus